Overview of the AGM 2016

Including breaking news on a new cast member and a call to help fundraise!

Dick Whittington, our 2016 pantomime, was a fantastic success and we truly believed it was one of the most entertaining shows for our audience and for us. We all did a good job at managing our tighter budgets and with support from everyone we made a good profit. As with last year, group rates for the first weekend will be on the website and must be prepaid to prevent any no shows and empty seats letting down otherwise sell-out shows. I have seen the DVD and I am so proud with the end result. 

The summer show was split into two one-act plays. Many drama clubs just use the youth when it suits them. Many drama clubs don’t want youngsters. At IHDC everyone is equal and as you can’t have an 8 year princess and 45 year old prince at panto, summer is the best chance to give those youngsters the chance they deserve. To see youngsters come out of their shell and grow over the shows and the years, like we all once did, is fantastic. Both shows were well received with great feedback our audience and guests at the Parish and district council. I would also like it noted what a brilliant job Lee Hall did in not just writing his first play but bringing it to life as a director.

As we close this season I look at all the issues we have discovered and overcome. The question is though, how can we continue this fantastic work going ahead. Every show is a gamble – the truth is we need funding.

Membership fees will remain at £3 per week for adults aged 16 and above. Under 16s will remain at £2.

AT the last AGM we informed you about the difficulties we were having in gaining control of our original bank account something which became alot harder when the last remaining signatory died. Sandra’s death was the catalyst for us to overhaul our finances.

I am saddened to report that we have discovered two historic debts. The first was arrears in rent to the Village Hall to the tune of £1230.00. Carol and Matt have worked closely over the past year with the hall so that as a club we now pay through internet banking and not cheques. We would like to thank the hall for their understanding and assistance and I am pleased to say that by paying a little each month we have now cleared the debt. The second debt was discovered after we were contacted by the Iver Mobility Club. As both clubs overhauled their banking they discovered a historic loan to our club for £600. Due the sudden nature of Sandra’s death it has taken around 6 months for both clubs to gather the evidence to confirm this and we have a repayment plan in place which we started in September.

We have all worked very hard they year raising extra funds to help clear these historic debts, from just giving to Kickstarter, stalls at local events like Apple day and Iver Christmas light switch on. We also received a grant from the parish council, a grant from united charities and a £300 donation from a very well known comedian who responded to a tweet about our just giving site. Without all the extra fundraising ,grants and donations we would be in a very different position financially,so we need to continue with all our extra efforts to fundraising to ensure we continue to put on fabulous shows.

We cast our Pantomime, I am pleased to say it was the toughest casting ever. Although a horrible and difficult decision for me it means the club is bursting with talent which is fantastic. This year we have a few of our teens coming up into the main cast roles and i am extremely proud to say they are stunning us every week with their performances.  With more songs and dances than ever before we really are challenging ourselves and raising the bar.

 - Claire Freeman, Panto Director

Since announcing the cast for the pantomime there have been two changes. Firstly, our director and understudy Claire Freeman has stepped into Jack's boots as Pedro Etchpare has found professional work within music industry that would conflict with the show dates - we are very excited to hear him on tour soon. Secondly, Falcon Garman informed us by proxy at the AGM that she has decided to resign from the Committee and the pantomime. Despite personal issues, everyone at IHDC felt Falcon was a valued member of the team and  that recently personal relationships were improving. It is sad to see such a long-term member and friend leave under such a self-imposed cloud. That said we all welcome Lucy Campling to replace her onto the committee. 


I am also pleased to confirm that our choreographer Auriol Jayne Hatcher (Pictured Right) will be joining the Pantomime as our new Witch straight from the West End stage following a UK tour.  

Please continue to share tweets,facebook statuses and leaflets with your family and friends. This is everyone's responsibility. Putting this debt to one side we have £350.67 in our bank account and having gained control of our original bank account, after several months and a formal complaint, we have discovered £103.00 in there. There are no other debts at this time however we do have planned spending for costumes, props, building and painting materials, programmes and hall rent. While we are solvent at this time, we forecast we will be very low on funds as pantomime performances start.



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President : Reg Gould
Chairman: Matt Streuli
Vice-Chairman: Claire Freeman
Treasurer & Club Secretary: Carol Campling


Stage Manager: James Pearce
Village Hall Representative: Les Brewer
Media & Publicity: Aidan Parr
Parent Representative: Vicki Alone
Junior Representative: Lucy Campling
Adult Representative: Emily Campling
Adult Reresentative: Terry Sharp



Our AGM took place at 7:00pm on 28th September 2015 at Iver Heath New Village Hall
Our Annual accounts are available to view by appointment







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