Chairman's Update - March 2016

I am very honored to give my first report as Chairman especially as the club is in such a good position. Before the good news, it is my job to minute the bad news. My predecessor, Sandra Corcoran suddenly passed away in December. Much of the work that kept our club running was carried out in the background by Sandra and we are incredibly lucky that over the past year she had started to hand over that work to Claire, Carol and myself. We dedicated the pantomime in memory to Brin Rosser, Helen Theochari and Sandra Corcoran and their enthusiasm they had for our club. All three are dearly missed. You can read more in the pantomime programme (FREE ONLINE VERSION) by clicking here.

However, the show does go on. I am incredibly proud of our drama club and its work. Over the past few months, especially with pantomime, we have worked closer together and with our community. The feedback has been astounding with people calling and sending messages after the show praising the show and our club. However, at the pantomime it was confirmed that James Pearce is leaving our club. James helped to produce some amazing effects with his lights and sounds over the years, the feedback on this pantomime’s storm scene has been amazing, and it has been brilliant to see him grow up through the club. 

Looking to the future the club is growing and healthy. Whilst Sandra’s passing was unexpected it has been a catalyst for bringing change and improvements to the club and how we operate. Our lighting and sound is now lead by Terry Sharp and Les Brewer with Hannah Templer acting as a coordinator and Josh Grayson joining in an apprentice role. Terry has made it clear that people are welcome to join the team. Ann Black successfully lead the Backstage Team and is remaining with the club in this position with assistance from Conor Bentley and the crew (to be confirmed). Our Front of House team is stronger than ever with Carol Campling’s leadership with assistance from new member ssuch as Ludmilla Toropova, who will be assisting with costumes, and more proactive parents than we have seen before. Scenery and design was brilliantly taken overby Vikki Alone and her team including Chloe Gueirn. I cannot wait to see their future work. 


With a good profit, better than ever relations with our hall management (thanks to Les Brewer and the takeover from Sandra by Carol and Claire), improving relations with local councils and a healthy now-debt-freebank account, I am very confident in the future of our club.


Over the course of the next year, I lookforward to the summer shows to hone and reinforce our revitalized club with the aim of applying to become a charity later this year.


Financial report - For Full details please contact Carol Campling, Club Treasurer.

Panto Profit is £678.87  which includes:

Tuck Shop £332.80

Tombola £306.90

Programmes £100 - RECORD sales as we sold out


Kickstarter and JustGiving was successful way to fundraise and encourage to do in future.

We were very successful in encouraging groups to prepay.

Next Year's Pantomime? - Claire Freeman


Next year I am planning to direct Sleeping Beauty and currently pursuing scripts. The last time we performed Sleeping Beauty was 7-8 years ago.  

Did  you see the article about our pantomime in the Slough Observer? Click here (Opens in new window)



Summer Shows

The Summer shows will be two one-act plays. One will be by the older teenagers and adults, a comedy play called 'Hotel dOOM' which is written and directed by club member Lee Hall. The Youth play is 'Comest Dine With Me' which is directed by Matt Streuli with assistance from Keira Randall. Wendy Mathews, Chair of Iver Parish Council has advised us to apply for a grant to subsidise the cost of the youth play. Aidan Parr is producing posters. 

 The dates for the summer show, two one-act plays is Wednesday 8th June and Wednesday 22nd June starting at 7:30pm. Last year we sold 82 tickets, our aim is for 50 tickets PER show. If we do not hit 50 tickets we will consider cancelling a performance.

Ticket Prices: One rate for all of £6 each.


Changes to Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection 

During the shows toilets will be closed to audience and they directed to Disabled toilet. Male toilets to be used as connection to stage. Female toilets to be used by Female's only for toilet and changing. 

DBS Checks:

We will start a new register DBS checks.  CRBs stopped in 2013 so will not accept these. 

All Committee members and Backstage crew (to clarify this means all crew in the lights and sound team as well as those working backstage and/or scenery moving) will be required to have a DBS. The cost of the check is an initial £10 and then a £13 for an update (which that individual adult is responsible for administering).

 This means £23 in the first year and £13 per year after that. We will ask committee members and backstage crew if they wish to cover the £10 initial charge which IHDC is liable for - this will be voluntary. If that member is REQUIRED to have a the check (committee and backstage) they will be liable for all fees in maintaining or restarting the DBS. 


And Finally...


All club policies and rules are free to view on our website - to save money we do not keep paper copies.


Reminder: All members were and are to be reminded that alcohol is banned at IHDC events - with exceptions of social gatherings such as the after pantomime party which is not supervised by IHDC or held

 at our venue. 


Reg Gould, club president, suffered a stroke at the end of 2015 however he is due home soon and has made a good recovery.


Rob Chambers, our webmaster, is working on a new website with a history section.