Directors Blog!- Panto rehearsal in full swing!

Hello there

So we are at the half way mark of our rehearsal time and so far we are well on course for a fantastic show!

There has been lots of hard work from every single cast member learning the big dance number to the popular song 'Uptown Funk’! With professional choreography we took on a big challenge and yet everyone has risen to it and it’s now learnt and being perfected.



We have blocked all of Act 1 and have made a great start on Act 2. The plan is to have everything blocked by mid-November.... famous last words?! It will be then into running through and going over any parts that need some polishing. This is the real exciting time- people really start to understand their character and some really great acting starts to emerge. <o :p></o>

Big thanks to the cast for the hard work so far, keep it up! I really do think we are going to raise the bar even higher this year so make sure you shout about it and get people in the audience to support you and be wowed by you. 

Tickets are already starting to sell- with a great offer of book before 1st December and pay NO booking fee. So get in quick and get your seats at